Environmental Hope

Georgie, from Traidhos Barge Program reflects on how the covid pandemic has changed our relationship to the natural environment.

One of the lessons we can all take from this pandemic is environmental hope. It has taught us

what an impact we can have if we work together, and I believe a complete mind shift.

After being locked inside for months, people have found a new true respect for trees, birds, nature and being outdoors. In colder countries it has shown how people can meet up in nature whatever the weather. Carbon emissions over the world plummeted during lockdowns, some species were rediscovered and in deserted places normally full of humans, wildlife came back and explored. There has been an increased interest in renewable energies, more global commitment to combating climate change and more recognition of indigenous people’s role in environmental protection. It has created an awareness of just how connected to nature we are and how if we protect it, there is always a sense of hope for humankind.


Ajarn Georgie

Traidhos Barge Program

Georgie joined the Barge Program earlier this year after carrying out research in Africa. She holds a  MSc  in Outdoor Environmental Sustainability Education.

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