Environmental Education for All

Barge environmental educators have a real passion for what they do, but our Thai staff are sometimes sad that they cannot work with too many Thai schools on the Barge. To solve this problem, they approached a  private Thai school, Buranawit Boys School, Charansanitwong Road, close to the barge office in Bang Phlad and offered their services to run a monthly environmental club. The teachers happily accepted their offer and for the last few months, staff have delivered a monthly environmental education session.

Each visit about forty boys from P4 join the club and have learnt about the problems of deforestation, the interconnections of life, and how human development can impact habitats.

Barge staff are happy to lead the activities in Thai language and to lead children who do not usually get the opportunity to experience hands-on learning to think more about global issues and how their choices can make a difference.

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