Enjoy Reading, Enjoy Learning

I asked an IEP student about the reason of reading with these choices:
I. What’s better than reading your favorite books on a hot Monday afternoon in the A/C-cooled library room?
II. Reading books can be a great way to pick up new vocabulary, see grammar in action and develop your understanding of a language.
III. Relax your mind between other classes by being a part of the stories / passage you read, emotionally and intelligently
He smiled and told me, “all three.”

Reading books is an awesome tool for learning, it benefits all aspects of a student’s learning of English. In addition, it generates the mindfulness of reading to bring out a positive learning atmosphere, especially when they are all reading as a group. In IEP, we encourage students to read more, read often and read to learn. Reading books is not only a great way to learn knowledge and to expand one’s view about oneself and the people and world around him , but also a wonderful process to discover first hand experience of understanding. It helps students to form their views and thoughts towards certain issues and gives them new ideas to solve these problems. Definitely keep it up!

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