English Inter-House Cup Competition

As part of Prem’s ongoing House Cup Competition, this week has been devoted to all things English. Saturday marks the 458th birthday of William Shakespeare so this was an apt week to celebrate all things English at Prem. Each day has focused on a different skill and has encouraged the community to be creative with their reading and their writing. On Monday, we had creative and inventive 10-word stories showing that great plots can be succinct. Tuesday was the deadline for submitting Extreme Reading photos and we had people enjoying books in so many hilarious and diverse locations. On Wednesday, poems about nature and earth were submitted which were beautiful, funny, sad and moving. On Thursday, Middle Years students went head to head with the Spelling Bee final. Our two winners from Language and Literature and Language Acquisition winner were the brilliant …… And finally on Friday students were able to combine their knowledge of how language and images work together to inform and persuade by producing Earth Day posters. The submissions are being viewed, read, judged and assessed with joy and the winners will be announced in our next house assembly. Watch this space!

Abbie Neall
Curriculum Leader for English, English Teacher

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