'Engage' and 'Managebac' Workshop for SS Parents

Our Assistant Head of School ,Ajarn Rick,  and our IT Director Ajarn Simon presented an informative and useful guide to how Prem uses the Engage and Managebac platforms as ‘school information system’ and ‘academic attainment/progress management system’. Parents asked probing and clarifying questions as Ajarn Rick  and Ajarn Simon went through the presentation, and the potential of these tools was made apparent. Contemporary education is increasingly complex and these tools can help to bring transparency and structure to many aspects of communication between school and home. Having access to formative and summative assessments, grades and comments means students, teachers and parents have a shared understanding of not only current levels of attainment but also goals and strategies for future progress.

Our thanks to Ajarn Rick and Ajarn Simon for their expertise and enthusiasm, to the IT team for streaming the event, to Ajarn Igor for his work with our school management systems, and to the parents who attended.;We very much appreciate the proactive parent engagement in workshops. It reinforces and makes visible that school and home are a team with a shared mission.

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