Come work at Prem Tinsulanonda International School, a leading co-educational boarding and day International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

Beautiful Setting

Our teachers enjoy the benefits of living in a beautiful setting near Chiang Mai, surrounded by the rich cultures of northern Thailand. Prem is on a lush 100-acre campus set in the foothills north of the historic city of Chiang Mai.

Dynamic School

We welcome applications from high calibre candidates wishing to contribute to the systematic development of our prestigious and successful school. Our teachers are passionate and energetic.

Valued Staff

Prem’s teachers are its most valued asset. As a result, our teachers are encouraged to become workshop leaders and examiners as well as to further their professional development at conferences and seminars.

Current Vacancies

Submitting an Application

As a single PDF,  please send a covering letter, your educational philosophy and CV to enquiry@ptis.ac.th for Whole School and Senior School positions (DP and MYP), and to secretaryjs@ptis.ac.th for Junior School (PYP) position.


Applicants for teaching roles should hold at minimum a Bachelor’s degree and a current teaching certificate. Please note that the Thai Ministry of Education requires that your degree must be directly related to the post that you are applying for.

For Boarding positions applicants must hold at minimum a Bachelor’s Degree. Considerations affecting ability to successfully complete the work visa process vary according to applicant nationality and experience.

As part of our commitment to child protection all successful applicants will be required to complete a comprehensive police background check. Only those applicants who meet qualifications and are short-listed will be contacted.

Living at Prem Tinsulanonda International School

What is it like living at Prem?

The lists below were drawn up by staff who live at the school to help you make the decision about whether you want to be part of our community. We regularly update the lists and we are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

What’s good about living at Prem?
  • The campus is delightful has great facilities such as a pool, tennis, golf driving ranges, gym and weights room. Prem is a beautiful place in harmony with its natural surroundings.
  • Zero commute, but also with many opportunities for travel with student groups.
  • We have completed IBO/CIS/NEASC accreditations 2007, 2012, and 2018
  • We are a four programme IB World School, currently the only school in Asia to offer all four IB programmes – PYP, MYP, IBDP and IBCP.
  • Our teachers are passionate educators and are very welcoming to new colleagues. You will have a ready made support network!
  • There is a great tropical climate all year round. Whether rain or shine it is beautiful!
  • There are many exciting and economic travel opportunities in the region.
  • The local cost of living very reasonable such as for domestic help, child care, massages.
  • The community is made up of friendly and relaxed people. There are lots of events such as barbeques, Sunday cluster brunches, social evenings, etc
  • We live in a safe community.
  • The food is healthy and in the city there is a wonderful array of restaurants.
  • There is a range of western supermarkets, bookstores and department stores with free delivery.
  • Modern health and dental care available are at a reasonable price and in English.
  • Regular and extreme sports are available.
  • There are many opportunities to learn about and engage with the local culture.
  • We have a Positive Pressure System in all classrooms when needed during the short smoky season.
What are the challenges when living at Prem?
  • It is 40 minute drive into town so having your own car or motor bike is advisable, although there are school vans and Grab taxis (rather like Uber), as well as local public transport .
  • Living in the same cluster building as other teachers and living close to students, as with all boarding schools, together, we are a tight-knit community.
  • Learning the language and communicating in Thai, which can be difficult but a lot of fun. People here really appreciate any attempt to speak Thai! Some of your non-Thai colleagues will be excellent role models and have excellent Thai.
  • Apartments are basic with small kitchens and electric hotplates so you may need to be prepared to buy some extra appliances, but you will have views of trees and green from every window, and access to an amazing campus.
  • At certain times of year air pollution caused by agricultural stubble burning can be unhealthy for sensitive people. The school is very aware of the AQI index during this time and has contingencies in place.
  • Wine, champagne and imported luxury items are expensive, which is to be expected, and local produce is excellent and not expensive.
  • Boarding and co-curricular programmes are a part of the learning community as with most boarding schools days are busy for all. We are fortunate to have amazing facilities and opportunities for these programmes.
  • There is a no pet policy on campus.