Earthday is a day that we, as a community, have always celebrated. The last 2 years of school have found us in online learning during this event. That made this year’s celebrations that much more special.

The Eco-Committee organised activities for the whole school to take part in to celebrate. The whole school came off timetable to learn more about the environment around us, as well as celebrating it in creative ways. Junior and senior grade levels were paired up for the morning to allow interactions and leadership to take place. 

The morning started with an Earth house photograph with the flag, which was hoisted to fly for the day. This was followed by a variety of activities, poetry sessions, sounds of Prem music activity, and hunting in the water and on the land. Students also experimented with some fun playground games to encourage us all to be outside on our amazing campus. Students were also led in being journalists for the day, reporting on Earthday, environmental issues and what the school is doing to help improve our campus and practices.

Everything aligned with clear blue skies, good air quality and a sea of students and staff appreciating and enjoying our amazing environment. 


Keep an eye out for some video documentaries produced on the day


Dr. Emma Shaw

IBDP Environmental Systems & Societies Teacher

IBCP PPS Teacher

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