Eco-Committee Journal

Eco Committee Journal 25 / 5 / 22

Prem International School’s Eco-Committee is trying to achieve the Green Flag award from Eco-Schools by making Prem more sustainable. Today representatives of the Committee met up with K. Ad, K. Net and K. Adierek, members of the General Management Team, to develop ideas on how to make Prem more eco-friendly. 

We talked to the General Management team about the Banana Bike Cafe and how we could make it more environmentally friendly. They agreed to replace straws with eco-friendly ones, replace plastic bags with bamboo carriers, and purchase sustainable cups, which are confirmed to be more expensive after purchase. Additional measures include discounts offered to people who bring their own reusable cups and after Covid, we will be reinstating mugs that can be hand washed to reduce the usage of plastic cups.

We, the Eco-Committee agreed to offer our support to the business by promoting how it is now environmentally friendly. The Eco-Committee will also organize a ‘carrot mob’, which is an event where people gather to show support to an environmentally friendly store through a one day ‘buying blitz’ . This means, for example, we could promise 100 customers on a specific day as a thank-you for using more sustainable materials. We would also like to explore the idea of having an eco-friendly shelf in the Chum Shop and/or Threads of Change store that sell environmentally friendly made products sourced from locals. Another few small things that we would like to do is placing posters in the window telling people the sustainable practices with the Eco-Committee logo, and providing a box for unwanted plastic bags outside the Chum Shop to encourage people to reuse plastic bags on campus.

Thank you to the Eco-Committee representatives for their attendance at the meeting: A. Charlotte, Ethan, Caitlin, KaoHom, Oojee, and Pippa. This was a successful meeting. We came up with many ideas and we will make them happen so that Prem will become a more environmentally friendly school and we are a step forward to success.

 Oojee (G6) and KaoHom (G6)

Eco – Committee Journalists

Photography by Pippa (G4)

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