Earth Day house activities in the Junior School

Following the Gr 1-12 Earth Day assembly this morning, the Junior School broke off into house groups to participate in a number of hands-on projects focusing on an aspect of sustainability linked to their house.

Gr 5 leaders and teachers led Junior School students from EY 1 – Gr 3 through the following activities:

Air house was challenged to create cars and mobiles using recycled materials using wind energy to make things move in a sustainable way,

Water house completed some water filtration experiments to try and answer the question “Can we undo water pollution?”

Earth house explored the concept of eating and living sustainably by making herb planters using recycled materials.

Fire house inquired into sustainable energy sources to find out ‘How does a solar oven work?’

Ask your child what they did today at the school in their house group for Earth Day. What will you be doing tomorrow as a family to continue this important discussion?

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