Earth Day at Prem 2016

Walk For Water
8:30 – 9:30 am for Junior School Students
Lunchtime for Senior School Students
Friday 22 April 2016

You may not have noticed, but our Grade 2 children have been involved in a number of community projects this term, providing new opportunities for children less fortunate than themselves. For example, they have raised money and provided scholarships so children can attend school and donated toys, food, books and other essential items to orphanages.

Our current project is to provide an iPad or similar tablet to the Baan Dek Foundation – an organisation who work with immigrant children on work sites in and around Chiang Mai. A tablet would allow these children to access technology for the first time, and assist Baan Dek in providing access to vital online learning opportunities.

To raise this money, we have decided to conduct a ‘Walk for Water’ event, to coincide with Earth Day. We are asking all children in our school to help us by collecting sponsors and then participating in the event, which will involve walking laps around the school running track, on Friday, April 22nd, 2016. 

Your Junior School child should have received a sponsorship form already. Of course, we would love parents to join in the fun too, so come along and walk for a great cause! Senior School students are encouraged to participate during lunchtime and bring donations to help the Baan Dek Foundation meet their goal.

A. James and Grade 2


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