Early Years at PREM focusses on an approach that promotes happiness, confidence, independence, and caring citizens of the world.

The safe and inspiring environment nurtures positive relationships and develops the holistic child to have a sense of belonging in the community. Our play-based approach supports whole child development and fosters connections to the world around us. Teachers, families, and children work together as a community. We aspire to guide our children to become global citizens who make the world a better place. In the Early Years we value:


  • Opportunities to explore and inquire into the world around us
  • Uninterrupted blocks of time
  • Symbolic exploration and expression to make meaning
  • Balance of independent choice and collaborative play
  • Opportunities for adventurous play


  • Respecting each individual and understanding every child to honour their uniqueness
  • Fostering confidence to communicate
  • Nurturing home-school relationships
  • Promoting a sense of trust, community, and belonging


  • Offering a range of open-ended materials and experiences
  • Opportunities for interpreting, creating, and expressing
  • Opportunities to engage with and learn in the indoor and outdoor environments
  • Co-constructing the environment to respond to students’ needs, interests, and learning
  • Documenting to reflect, guide, enhance and make visible the process of students learning.

Taura Laine Khongsat
Early Years Coordinator and EY2 Teacher

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