Early Years Outdoor Atelier

The Early Years outdoor atelier provides inspiration for EY1 and EY2 students, allowing them to share their thinking of the world around them.  This space is designed and co-constructed by the children and teachers, nurturing social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical development.  Along with intentionally planned invitations for learning, the children have choice in what they explore and how they want to express their creativity.  On any given day, students paint, explore sensory tables (water, light, etc), role play, construct with blocks and other loose parts, build with Lego, create using recycled materials, weave, collage, and so much more.  Each child holds an infinite amount of potential and the atelier supports each member of the group to develop confidence, independence, identity and relationships.  This is a place where all children belong. 

Taura Khongsat

Early Years Coordinator & EY2 Teacher

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