Early Years - Community Spirit

Early Years 1 were interested in and roles and responsibilities in the community, in the classroom they enjoyed creating special gifts to sell in their shops. When we went online last term, they made shops at home. We wondered how we could develop this interest to help the community so they chose to create snacks for an orphanage. We had so much fun making energy balls in an online cooking class.

EY1 has demonstrated a love of learning new things through the lens of ‘roles and responsibilities in the classroom, and within their community. Their interests have allowed them to learn and practice their literacy and numeracy skills through creating money, signs, recipes, and cards. The children have communicated with each other and deepened their friendships.

EY1 families were so caring and generous with their donations to the orphanage and I am so proud of the cards they made for their new friends.


Georgina Wroe

EY1 Teacher

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