Early Year 1 Learning in Nature at the Farm

In EY1 the children have been excellent risk-takers this term as they entered a new environment. In the classroom, the children enjoy participating in restaurant role-play and making pretend cups of tea for their friends. After sharing the children’s interests in a transdisciplinary carousel with Ajarn Ter, we wondered how we could provide a playful invitation for learning connected with their interest in making tea.

We were busy collecting natural materials from the farm to make tea and thought it would be nice to share this with the parents at a tea party. We asked the children “What do we need for a party?” to which one student proudly replied “Decorations!”, so we set about making beautiful bunting with natural materials from the farm. This provided an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about different patterns, and we had so much fun creating them with tie dye. 

On Tuesday, October 4th, parents were invited to join their children on a beautiful rainy day walk to the farm. The children showed their open-mindedness by jumping in lots of muddy puddles on the way. Hopefully, next time the parents will be inspired to join us to jump in the puddles too!
Once we arrived at the farm, Ajarn Ter prepared a wonderful array of natural materials for us to play and experiment with. We ground butterfly peas, turmeric, and leaves in a mortar and pestle to make different colour paints, which we used to create vibrant masterpieces. This was such a special moment of shared wonder, joy, and laughter.

We would like to share our gratitude with Ajarn Ter and Ajarn Jed for providing us with such a great opportunity to make magical memories and share the joy of learning in nature.



Georgina Wroe,

EY1 Teacher

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