Dying our nails with garden balsam flowers

As you may already know from our previous Rolling New article, junior students have recently created a garden full of flowers and edible plants in cluster 10.
The students have planted marigolds, amaranths, strawberries and cucumbers, among many others. One of the flowers we planted on this day was the garden balsam flower.
Garden balsam flower, also known as garden jewelweed and rose balsam, only grows in warm temperatures and is native to Southern Asia.
During summer time in South Korea, they can be spotted in many gardens. Besides brightening up the place with their pretty appearance, another way that Koreans use them is to dye their nails with it.

First, we prepared everything we needed. A bowl to crush the flowers and petals in, serene wrap and tape to hold the crushed flowers on our nails, and some salt to help the colours of the flower come out.

We took turns crushing the flowers and petals.

Ajarn Nikki helped us with the wrapping.

Excited for the end result! Now, all we have to do is sleep!

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