Draw your future project

This week the students at IEP will be working on a creative project with Enrico Migotto, who is a visiting artist at PREM. He’s an Italian photographer who is currently working on a project with children from different countries called Draw your future.

On Monday Enrico came to IEP to introduce himself and his project to the students and began the creative process by getting the students to draw pictures about what they want to be in the future.

Today Enrico started working with small groups of students to draw their future in a gravel.

He then photographed them from above (note the photo below is mine not his!)

Next Wednesday, 15th November, we will be having an exhibition of the work at IEP from 3.15- 4.45. Please come and have a look at our IEP students futures!
Thanks to Enrico and A. Alex for giving the IEP students the opportunity to take part in this exciting project and to A. Sintra for helping arrange it.

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