Drama Residency Project

It was an absolute pleasure to see the result of the hard work and effort put in by the G9/10 Drama Group A on Friday 14th September. They devised a performance with the guidance and support of Yolanda Mercy, Artist in Residence during a 2-week intensive program of workshops. Using their own personal stories and experiences as their starting points, the final piece was moving, honest and heartfelt by both performers and their audience.

The journey’s of exploration, self-confidence and determination shown by these young people has been an inspiration. They truly demonstrated key IB values, being open-minded and principled risk-takers who communicated their stories with care and compassion. Well done to them all.

Alex, Chao, Daniel, Fast, Gino, Kitty, Jasmine, Lisa, Max, Miyu, Time, and Tonhom.

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