Donate your electronics to Hand 2 Paw!

We’re looking to raise 25,000 baht so that all of our Thai staff’s dogs and cats can be sterilized and vaccinated at no cost to their owners! You can help us by making a direct donation (of any amount) or by donating any type of electronics. 

If you have old or new electronics currently collecting dust and taking up space in your home, we’ll take them and will try to sell them ourselves to increase the funds we have at our disposal! We’ll take microwaves, small sized ovens, laptops, iphones, fans, etc. 

Hand 2 Paw’s focus is on sterilization and vaccinations because overpopulation leads to much suffering for street dogs and parvo/distemper are two very preventable diseases that can lethally ravage a dog’s system if the animal is not vaccinated against it. 

We also help find homes for dogs (and puppies) in temples we oversee so if your family is looking to adopt, please let us know! 

Email if you’d like to make a donation or if you have any questions!


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