Digital portfolios in Grade 4 and 5

In Grade 4 and 5 at Prem, we use Seesaw digital portfolios.

These digital portfolios are a key way that your child can share their work with you. It lets you know when they have added work to their portfolio so you don't have to wait until the end of the term to what they are learning. 

Did you know Grade 4 recently participated in the 'Hexagonal challenge'? As part of their Unit of Inquiry, they made their thinking visible and shared how different connections could be made using key vocabulary relating to Biodiversity. 

Did you know Grade 5 have been learning about air pressure this week and have been experimenting with eggs and plastic bags to inquire into how air pressure works? 

Have a look in your child's digital portfolio to see their learning in action! Add a question or comment to your child's work to praise their efforts and understanding.

Watch this video that explains how the Seesaw digital portfolio works, even better, ask your child to show you!

Each family was given a unique QR code to access your child's portfolio at the end of Term 1 if you need a new QR code please email me

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