Deepening Our Yoga Practice

As we approach the end of term one, it’s wonderful to see just how much progress many of the IEP students are making in their yoga practice!
I can recall the first two weeks of the term, when most students were groaning and straining their way through the yoga (asana) postures. Over time though, students have become more comfortable with some of the core postures, and they’re not afraid to be risk-takers and try some of the more advanced postures.
Today we worked on back-bending postures, it was really amazing to see how supple and bendy some of the students are! Check out their beautiful ‘swan pose’.

Grace and Nene in SWAN POSE. A comfortable position to take a nap perhaps?

“Take deep breaths. ZhaZha, you can do it!”

“Almost there, Fiona; great job Vivian!”

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