Day 5: Tying it all together - from the field to the classroom

This Friday marks our final day of Camp Week and field trips for IEP juniors. We spent the first part of our morning designing presentations, posters and digital slideshows using Google Slides, before presenting to the entire class.
With the Korean New Year upon us, one of our students was kind enough to share food prepared by his grandmother with the entire IEP.
It was an exhilarating morning mixed with hard work and celebrated with authentic Korean home cooking!

Students working together in groups; making slides and providing text for their presentations.

One group decided not to use technology and opted for designing a poster instead.

Making sure their slides are perfect before standing up and speaking in front of the class.

The reward: Sean shares his grandmother’s home-cooked Korean meal with us! First we learn how to prepare the food before eating.

So many delicious flavours on one stick!

Sean ‘the Chef’ showing us how it’s done!

Deepening cultural understanding in the language we understand best….FOOD!

Caring-Kobby wanted to save his Korean snack for his mom! 

After our delicious Korean food experience, students polished their final presentations before presenting to the class. They did a great job regarding displaying their talents with art and digital design; students are still working hard on speaking loud, clear and sharing the talking/presenting with all in their group.

Students in this group discussed how traditional Lanna wear was very similar to clothing worn by the ethnic Tai’s from Sippsongpanna Yunnan, China.

Students use hand drawn art & printed coloured pictures to create a poster.

These activities were a great way to conclude our four days of field trips, learning outside of the classroom, for IEP students. Again, parents, all students behaved exceptionally well, please congratulate them on their good behaviour and for representing the best attributes of PREM school’s IEP.
Each year I sincerely look forward to Camp Week activities, this is a powerful time for students and teachers to bond outside of the classroom; it also gives students a chance to showcase their English skills in everyday situations. ♥

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