Day 2: Queen Sirikit's Botanical Garden & Poo Poo Paper (yup, that's right).

Today, Tuesday February 5th marks the second day of the IEP camp week field trips. We continued our learning outside of the classroom experiences by paying a visit to two notable places in Mae Rim; Queen Sirikit’s Botanical Garden and (Elephant) Poo Poo Paper factory.

The Queen’s garden is one of my favourite places in Chiang Mai. It has a great deal to offer with multitude of botanical arrangements and spaces for people to explore; the IEP students enjoyed learning about the different varieties of plant species native to Thailand, they also got a thrill out of the ‘canopy sky walk’, a relatively new addition to the botanical garden.

After a calm morning at The Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden we moved on to Elephant Poo Poo Paper, where students had a chance to learn how paper is can be made from elephant poo instead of trees. This method has the potential to save thousands of trees, students learned about sustainability and role elephant poo plays in not only making paper, but as a useful fertiliser as well.

Our second day out was fun, meaningful and inspirational. Students refreshed themselves in nature with the pleasantness of the Botanical Gardens, they learned about sustainable paper making; both experiences were enriching opportunities for IEP students to once again connect classroom with experiential learning.

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