Day 2: Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Poo Poo Paper

Today marks another great day of our continued experiences learning outside of the classroom. The IEP started the morning off with a visit to the HM the Queen’s botanical gardens right here in Mae Rim, and the weather was perfect. Students enjoyed exploring nature on the sky walk and roaming through various greenhouses. It was remarkable to see how much all students were using their English skills; Korean students hanging out with Japanese students; Thais and Chinese; all the students get along so well, none were too shy to test their best English speaking skills.

After a relaxing and fulfilling morning at HM the Queen’s garden, we ventured on to Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park, where students toured the grounds and had a chance to make beautiful textured paper out of real elephant poo! This activity was very informative, hands-on, and soothing for all.

Boiling and mixing the poop!

Straining the poop…

We all had a chance to make our own paper, going through the process.

Students making their own hand fans from natural paper!

“Just POO it!” Students having fun playing with words; I’m sure many will come back to this fun oasis in Mae Rim.

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