Day 1: Mae Sa Waterfall & Insect Zoo

Today marks the beginning of Prem Camp Week 2019, and for the IEP juniors in grades 4 to 5 we were fortunate enough to have experiential learning day-out trips.

For our first trip we hiked to the Mae Sa Waterfall where students used their imagination playing in the sand and waterfalls, not once did anyone reach for their phone, they were all preoccupied in nature having a blast!

After many hours spent in nature, we finished with a nice relaxing lunch before heading over to the Insect Zoo. It was amazing to see how many of our students were fascinated by insects! Lot’s risk takers today as students stepped out of their comfort zones to experience holding insects and reptiles.

The good feelings of the day were felt by all; teachers and students alike. I know that for many of our Chinese students it is hard to be away from their families on Chinese New Year, however their excitement was so strong today, the students were so completely in the moment, that nothing but joy was felt by all.

I look forward to see what tomorrow brings for our second day out. Stay tuned to the IEP blog for more updates of our exciting adventures throughout the week!

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