Day 1: Mae Sa & Siam Insect Zoo

This week, in the spirit of camp week, we are taking our junior IEP students around Chiang Mai province to experience learning outside of the classroom. Today was our first day out, we went to Mae Sa Waterfall where students thoroughly enjoyed themselves; skipping stones; stacking rocks; running through the forest and socialising with each other.

The next stage of our adventure brought us to the Siam Insect Zoo, students exhibited good ‘risk-taking’ skills by stepping outside of their comfort-zone to hold many exotic insects and lizards.

For all the parents reading this blog post, you should all be proud of your children, they were all very well behaved, truly it’s a pleasure to be their teacher and enjoy their presence, learning outside of the classroom for the whole day. I returned home refreshed and looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure; stay tuned for more to come!

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