Daring to Dream

Traidhos Camp staff Sheena, describes the joy that comes from realising your dreams.It began as curiosity; I visited a farm where people had made adobe brick houses and were living close with the land. That curiosity soon bloomed into a deeper realization of what it truly means to build your own home, to become the mechanism to provide your own shelter.

At first I just wanted to participate in building a mud house just to feed the curiosity, but it grew into desire to build my own home.  The empowerment I felt through building my own shelter was incredible; it ignited a passion I didn’t know was smoldering within me.  Through the simple act of mixing mud with your feet to putting that last beam up and finishing the mud plastering it is something almost magical to create shelter.

Living happily close with nature in the mud house I helped to build almost 10 years ago has proven that following your passion, as strange as it may seem, is the true path towards personal wellbeing.


Traidhos Three-Generation Camps

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