Cross Country run hosted by Grace

Yesterday afternoon, the Prem cross country team travelled to Hang Dong to compete against other international schools in the Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai regions. Although there was a fair bit of waiting around before the race eventually got underway, the runners waited patiently and acted as great ambassadors for Prem. It was always going to be tough beating some of the runners from Grace International School, but in the under 12 category, Cameron (grade 5) came in first place, closely followed by Noa (grade 6) who took second. In the girls under 12 category, June (grade 5) took a comfortable first place. All runners did a great job and some narrowly missed a medal position, most notably Cha and Jules from grade 4. In the Junior Varsity category, Gergo and Sherab battled through injury and pain to successfully complete the 5km course.

Congratulations to the whole team; Sherab Dolma, Gergo Nemeth, Emma Meng, Jack Nui, Frank Li, Noa Gaysek, Elvis Xia, Jade Stevens, June Maensatity, Cameron Bowyer, Jules Piper, Cha Gramaglia.
I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the hill training runs in preparation for the next meet at APIS at the end of this month

Ajarn Simon & Casey

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