Creating an Effective and Purposeful Learning Experience - MUN

Model United Nations (MUN) is a wonderful way to get students to see different perspectives about issues in current affairs. It builds confidence, research skills, cultivates global citizenry, and requires discipline, engagement, purpose, and fun! Even though the conferences were online, students were immersed and completely into the experience. MUN has all the elements to create an effective and purposeful learning experience: goal-oriented, instant feedback, social connections, imagination, choice, self-determination… I am so proud of our students. Many were new and all into these day-long conferences.

Dr Benjamin Freud

Whole School Teaching and Learning Lead, DP History and I&S Teacher


Last week and earlier this week, Prem’s MUN students took part in PREMUN (Prem Model United Nations) and CMMUN (Chiang Mai Model United Nations). Both conferences were a great success, with Prem students navigating the virtual conference with confidence, poise and knowledge. Many were new and all had great fun. PREMUN served as a fun warm-up to get our team prepared for Monday’s CMMUN. With students in both chair and delegates positions, Prem dominated the debate floor taking home 6 awards, the most of any school in Chiang Mai. I would like to congratulate everyone who took part on behalf of the Prem community. Both conferences were great fun and I could not be more proud of my fellow students.

Steve Parfitt

MUN Student Leader

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