Creating a Very Special Place at Prem- Early Years

The children in EY1 and EY2 are working on making their garden a special place.  They have collaborated with the teachers at the farm to collect and plant seeds.  So far, we have corn, lettuce, butterfly pea flowers and sweet potatoes growing.  For the sweet potatoes, we have learned that they need space to grow vertically. We used our mathematical skills while making a map of the garden space so we know where to put our plants next week when they are healthy and strong.  The students have been great thinkers and risk-takers while working with soil and compost as well as cutting and transporting the bamboo that will be used to make a structure for the butterfly pea flowers to grow up.  We are very much looking forward to watching our garden grow so we can taste all of the delicious foods!


Taura Khongsat

Early Years Coordinator & EY2 Teacher

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