CP Students Working to a Brief

Students from the IBCP Programme have been busy creating marketing material for Triadhos Three Generation. They were doing this project to get exposure working for a sustainable business. It helped the students to develop their design skills and learn how to work effectively as part of a team. This project gave our students some meaningful work experience, learning to work to a deadline and to client specifications. This brought many challenges and required the students to be flexible in their approach.

We asked the students what they felt they had learned:
What was the most difficult part of the process?
The most difficult part of the process would probably be finding a consistent idea for our poster, although once we had an idea it went rather smoothly.
How did you find the process of designing to a brief?
I think that as our first time doing this, we did okay, although everyone had their own pitch for the client, and they were inconsistent and therefore that could be something that could be improved next time.
What did you learn about teamwork?
We learned that sticking together and not to give up right away. When we got stuck we worked through this together and this helped us to grow together as a team.
What would you do differently if you approached this type of project again?
Take more time discussing ideas as a team rather than just rushing in on our own, and figuring it out later.
Do you feel you would get opportunities like this on another course?
I don’t believe so, hands-on opportunities and projects such as this have only (in my experience) been found in the CP program.
Do you find the CP gives you more practical, working knowledge and if so how do you think these types of experiences will equip you for your future?
I think that having experiences such as marketing projects for a business, as well as things like Koze set us up nicely for the future, as we have good experiences and can therefore use these in the future nicely.
André Thompson
CP Student

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