Middle School (Remote Learning)

Middle School (Remote Learning)

A Word from our Senior School Principal

Wherever you are reading this I hope you are healthy and safe. It has truly been unique and challenging not only for us here at Prem but for our global family. Prem Remote Learning has been developed – and is maintained – as a contingency plan should we be forced to close the school for an extended period of time as we are at this unfortunate time. We are committed to attuning our remote learning programme to be robust and responsive and to be the best it can be given our current and local circumstances. Our fantastic teachers and staff are here to help you with your Remote Learning experiences, along with our school counselors and learning support teachers. Please take the time to look through the resources on our website, email and online platforms. Stay safe and healthy!


Jeff Marquis

Senior School Principal

Remote Learning

Prem maintains a contingency plan for continued learning when extraordinary events may force a closure of the school. When such a situation arises, we will activate Prem Remote Learning and continue learning progress through online learning. During these closures, Prem will use a combination of Internet tools and resources to connect students, as much as possible, to their classroom teachers and peers. Prem Remote Learning is designed for the teaching and learning processes to continue. While we acknowledge that it cannot replicate at-school teaching and learning, we believe that learning progress can be made through online means.

Delivery Methods

  • During times of school closure Middle School students will need check their Engage Portals/Google Classroom/email account regularly through the day.
  • Teachers will post learning instruction and assignments on designated days, as they fall within the school timetable.
  • Students should expect a variety of different learning tasks such as reading & research, small projects, online forums, Google Hangouts, quizzes, essays etc.
  • Students will need to check their Engage/Google Classroom/emails for instructions for the days learning at 8.15am each day and will need to be online for Remote Learning.

Engage (Online Portal)

  • Engage (Online School Portal) is the heart of Prem’s school management information system, forming the core, comprehensive package for students, teachers, staff and parents.
  • It is very important during ‘Remote Learning’ that students, parents and guardians have logged onto their Engage accounts. If you have not logged on please search for the ‘Portal Login Details’ email that has been sent. There is also information in the technology section of the Parent Portal on this website.

Roles and Responsibilities

Students Will:

  • Follow their schedule online including checking with Homeroom teacher at the start of the day
  • Register at the start of all lessons (Chiang Mai time (GMT +7)
  • Ensure they are available for the whole lesson and have all of the necessary items needed to participate in the lesson
  • Complete assigned learning tasks to the best of their ability and on time. If a student is unable to submit work by the due date, the student will contact the teacher
  • Student participation will be monitored as student engagement and work submission
  • Not record, share or forward the lesson. This includes audio, screenshots, video, and/or lesson links
  • Participate in lessons in a common, safe area of your house or apartment
  • Ensure you are appropriately dressed if attending a live lesson via video

Teachers Will:

  • Have access to a stable wifi connection 
  • Record attendance on Engage at the start of lesson. Follow their teaching schedule online and be available from 8am – 5pm to respond to student inquiries
  • Communicate as normal with the administration if they cannot participate in the lesson activities i.e. teacher illness. Additionally, a message to students is expected
  • Ensure all lesson plans are posted on Engage prior to the scheduled lesson, with appropriate links to other platforms which may be used as part of the lesson. These plans need to be shared with both students and contacts (parents, boarding parents and guardians) and any support staff as appropriate
  • Ensure that remote learning tasks are reflective of the school curriculum and aligned to the essential elements of the MYP, Diploma and CP courses
  • Check student submissions and give feedback in a timely manner
  • Be available for remote meetings with students and/or parents if requested and respond to parents in a timely manner
  • Ensure that if giving a live lesson (i.e. Hangouts Meet) that all students have left the virtual classroom as the link will still be active
  • Report any technical issues to support@ptis.ac.th Check that you have TeamViewer installed on your laptop so that the IT staff can access your device remotely to try to resolve technical issues should an email response be insufficient

Parents Will:

  • Ensure that your son/ daughter has a common, safe area to participate in any lessons – not a bedroom. Where possible, considering time zones, support your daughter/son in following the timetable for scheduled lessons on Engage.
  • Ensure you have access to a stable internet connection.
  • Ensure you access Engage so that you can follow / support your child’s learning through class lesson plans.
  • Communicate with the homeroom and/or subject teacher any concerns you observe during remote learning

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