Junior School Grades 1-5 (Remote Learning)

Junior School Grades 1-5 (Remote Learning)

A Word From Our Junior School Principal

Remote learning is designed to connect home and school in the event of a school closure. It allows children to experience continuous learning. It is related to the needs of each individual student and is directly correlated to our Prem Junior School curriculum. The goal of remote learning is to support and extend in-school instruction in a positive way. It fosters positive attitudes and habits, serves to develop self-management, and promotes the use of technology in authentic contexts.

Justin Jarman
Junior School Principal


At the heart of our Junior School remote learning program, we strive to promote powerful student learning and holistic well-being. While we would prefer to all be together, our dedicated teachers strive to make the learning experience as fulfilling as when students are at school. Students will receive assigned work in the subject areas of Unit of Inquiry, English Language, Mathematics, LOTE (Thai or Mandarin), Thai Culture, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Music. These learning engagements are intended to target key knowledge, understanding, skills and dispositions across the subject areas.


Junior School families can expect a weekly correspondence from their child’s homeroom teacher through Seesaw. In this correspondence, you will find assigned learning engagements that students can participate in while away from school. Forn Term 4, this assigned work will be broken down into the days of the week to provide for additional structure and clarity. Student work will be categorized into ‘Must do’ (required) work and ‘Can do’ (optional) work to give families greater flexibility. ‘Must do’ learning engagements align with our curriculum objectives and will be used to assess and report on student achievement.


Remote learning engagements are supported by live lessons and video tutorials facilitated by your childrens’ teachers. Junior School teachers will be available at set times each day to communicate with students and parents. Teachers will offer one-on-one conferencing to support children and families. Individualised one-on-one support is available from our EAL, Learning Support and Counseling departments. 

Prem Junior School: Platforms and Tools used for Remote Learning

Our Core Remote Learning Tools

Examples of other Digital Tools we use

Our Junior School Team (Remote Meeting)

Roles and Responsibilities

Teachers will:

  • Clearly communicate the remote learning procedures to all stakeholders (parents, guardians and students as appropriate) 
  • Ensure that remote learning tasks are reflective of the school curriculum and aligned to the essential elements of the PYP.
  • Check remote learning student submissions and give feedback in a timely manner
  • Respect and respond to parents in a timely manner

Students Will:

Students will (depending on the grade level):

  • Clarify with the teacher/s if they do not understand the remote learning engagements.
  • Organize and manage his/her time 
  • Speak with the teacher/s if there are any issues with completing his/her remote learning 
  • Work with independence as much as possible and confer with parents as needed

Parents/Guardians will:

  • Provide a space that is suitable for your child as a learner 
  • Be aware of and support your child in meeting the remote learning expectations 
  • Encourage your child to ask for support and clarification when needed 
  • Provide constructive feedback to your child, focusing on the positive elements of their learning • Familiarize yourself with the expectations, format and content of your child’s remote learning

Subject Areas and Student Support

Subject Areas

Each grade level will provide one essential ‘Must do’ learning engagement per week in the subject areas of:

  • English Language (Reading & Writing)
  • Unit of Inquiry (UOI_
  • Mathematics
  • All specialist classes (Thai, Mandarin, Thai Culture, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Music) will provide one essential learning engagement each week for each grade level.

These essential (must do) learning engagements will be where the majority of feedback will be given to students and will be the most important pieces of learning evidence to use for reporting.

To meet the needs of some of our parents who require additional work for their children, alongside the weekly essential  (must do) learning engagements, we will also offer some optional (can do) work in each subject area.

Student Support (Learning Support, EAL and Counseling)

Our student support team serves our students who require some additional assistance with learning, language development or in areas pertaining to social-emotional well-being. The Student Support Team strives to be 100% at your service during this period of remote learning. They are currently working with many of our students to help them to overcome obstacles and to be best positioned to access our curriculum. Our Learning Support and EAL teachers currently work with individual and small groups of students to provide support materials and instructional strategies to assist students to be successful with the prescribed remote learning tasks. They also provide modified(or alternative) work to help students reach established learning goals. We recognize that times of remote learning can be difficult for our families for any one of a number of reasons. Should your child or family wish to talk with one of our counselors, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for you. 

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