Intensive English Programme, IEP (Remote Learning)

Intensive English Programme, IEP (Remote Learning)

As we delay the opening of school due to COVID 19 virus prevention measures, normal lessons have been suspended. We will continue to push on with Prem’s vision of joyful and effective learning through online platforms. The staff in IEP are prepared and committed to ensuring that quality educational and learning opportunities take place during this difficult time. It is our goal that remote learning both supports and extends in-school instruction, promoting positive attitudes and habits, developing skills in self-management in addition to the responsible use of technology.

Remote learning is designed to connect home and school in the event of a school closure. It allows parents to have the opportunity to share aspects of their child’s learning together. It is related to the needs of each individual student and related directly to our curricular objectives. The goal of remote learning is to support and extend in-school instruction in a positive way. In addition, it is vital during Remote Learning times that parents and guardians help to expose IEP students too as much English as possible through reading, videos and other resources.


Cara Templeton
Director and Teacher of the IEP

Remote Learning

The remote learning in IEP is wholly based on our innovative language acquisition curriculum. Whilst learning together in class is our preferred method of instruction, students will still  experience fulfilling lessons and receive assigned work in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, LOTE (Thai or Mandarin), Science and Social Studies. These learning engagements are intended to target key knowledge, understanding, skills and dispositions across the subject areas.


Families can expect a correspondence from their child’s teachers through Seesaw and/or email. In this correspondence, you will find assigned learning engagements that students can participate in while away from school. Remote learning engagements are supported by live lessons and video tutorials facilitated by teachers in addition to activities that allow for ‘screen free’ time.

Engage (Online Portal)

  • Engage (Online School Portal) is the heart of Prem’s school management information system, forming the core, comprehensive package for students, teachers, staff and parents.

  • It is very important that students, parents and guardians have logged onto their Engage accounts. If you have not logged on please search for the ‘Portal Login Details’ email that has been sent. There is also information in the technology section of the Parent Portal on this website.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Students Will:

  • Follow their schedule online
  • Communicate if they cannot participate in the lesson activities (i.e. message to teacher)
  • Contact teachers through Hangouts or Hangouts Meet for face to face discussion / clarification. In some instances, arrangements need to be made in advance.


Teachers Will:

  • Clearly communicate the remote learning procedures to all stakeholders (parents, guardians and students as appropriate)
  • Ensure that remote learning tasks are reflective of the IEP curriculum and aligned to the essential elements of WIDA Can Dos for developing their English Language ability.
  • Check remote learning student submissions and give feedback in a timely manner.
  • Respect and respond to parents in a timely manner.
  • Be available for meetings with students and/or parents if requested.


Parents Will:

  • Ensure you have access to a stable internet connection.
  • Support your daughter/son in following the school schedule (Engage).
  • Ensure you access Engage so that you can follow / support your child’s learning through class lesson plans.


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