Exploria and Sports (Remote Learning)

Exploria and Sports (Remote Learning)

During times of Remote Learning, when we are unable to use the Prem campuses beautiful facilities and all the activities and sports that utilise these facilities. The athletics and activities department have produced this page so the Prem community can have access to resources that our students, parents, teachers and staff can use at home and beyond.

While we are in the period of lockdown due to Covid-19, it is especially hard for our community members to have these enriching activities and sports to keep the mind and body fresh. Below are video’s, links and information on activities, challenges and fitness ideas you can try at home. Try them out! It is important we have that balance in our lives!

Lee Stevens

Director of Athletics and Activities

This Week

Fitness/Sports/Activity Ideas Summer 2021 (Presentation)

While it is great news that Prem will reopen on June 1 for face-to-face learning, unfortunately due to safety protocols that will be in place our students will not be able to participate in Prem Panthers sports and Exploria activities until the start of the next academic year. In addition, I’m sure that due to the unusual circumstances, many more of us than usual will be spending our summers at home.

Therefore, I have put together this presentation of ideas for sports/activities to take part in around Chiang Mai, fitness activities that can be done at home and various challenges to keep us active from now until we begin term 1, in August 2021.


Activities/Resources Outside of Prem: 2020/21

Even though we are very proud to say that we have a huge range of Exploria
Activities, and Prem Panthers Sports Programmes, we still understand that parents
and students also would like to make use of activities and resources throughout
Chiang Mai.

I am a firm believer in the fact that our children/students should have a balanced
upbringing/education and other activities outside of academics can really help to
achieve this. We have a great range of Activities, and Sports Teams at Prem, but
there are some activities we don’t have and also activities that may be closer to
where you live.

Dance Exploria Tutorial Video # 2 with A. Dani

A. Dani has created his second online Dance tutorial video for our students. This is called ‘Bomb Exploria’. Watch the video, follow and learn the steps and have some fun!

Play Online Chess vs. Other Prem Community Members

Play Online Chess against other Prem students. Simply sign up here and A. Lee will send you details on how to play.

Dance Exploria Tutorial Video with A. Dani

A. Dani has created an online Dance tutorial video for our students. This is called ‘Bomb Exploria’. Watch the video, follow and learn the steps and have some fun!

Prem Golf Instructional Video (Chipping)

Hello Prem Golfers from Coach Sid,

I had the privilege of visiting a nearby Golf course today to shoot a ‘ reminder ‘ video for your chipping skills. I remember the great success we had chipping with a small “ y “ condition and setting up with the ball on our right foot. The very famous ‘ bump and run ‘ also helps us instill good fundamentals incorporating solid impact alignments from the very start. Feel free to shoot your own chipping video and send it back to me / A. Lee.

Check Out these Amazing Videos from our Counselling Team

A. Amandine has created some videos to help our students get through the day. While they are aimed at Junior School students, they can be watched by everyone. Check them out!

Exploria/Sports Community Videos

Our fantastic teachers, coaches and community members have produced videos for people to watch and participate along with at home. Instructional, fitness, challenges and other videos will help you stay fit and active, enabling you to balance your remote learning with other activities.

Traidhos Cooking Academy Video's and Recipe's

K. Nae and the Prem/Traidhos Cooking Academy have created an easy recipe’s for us to try at home. Click the button below for video’s, recipe details and photos.

How to make Roselle Tea

Our Three Generation Farm has created a video showing the steps of how to make Roselle tea. From the cutting, to the drying to the preparation. Have a go and make yourself this healthy, delicious drink.

Video Link: How to Make Roselle Tea


Khai Pra A-tid or Sun Egg

Hello chefs!! How are you? Today I would like to share an easy recipe for you. 

But do not cook this by yourself, please ask an adult to support you when using the gas stove and hot oil.

This menu called Khai Pra A-tid or Sun Egg. Khai Pra A-tid is very easy and popular. I am sure you can find all ingredients inside your kitchen. 

King Rama 9 used to cook this menu for Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn when she was young. 

He called this Sun egg because if you use the solar telescope to look at the Sun, the sun’s surface looks similar to the grains of rice. 

He also called this menu in French as ”Grand de riz”

Video Link: Sun Egg Recipe Video


Banoffee Pie

Banoffee is an English dessert invented and claimed by Ian Dowding and Nigel Mackenzie, the owner and chef, respectively, of The Hungry Monk Restaurant in Jevington, East Sussex in 1971. The word ”Banoffee or Banoffi” entered the English language and became used to describe any food or product that tastes or smells of both banana and toffee.

.          .       

Pork on Crispy Toast

“Ka-nom-pang Na Moo” or “Pork on Crispy Toast” is one of the appetisers that is easy to make. It uses simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. This menu should be crunchy around the edge and soft in the centre with a slightly salty flavour. Moreover, Chefs!!! Please get the permission of an adult before you do any cooking at home.  

“Ka-nom-pang Na Moo” or “Pork on Crispy Toast” Video

Fried Bananas 'Gluay Tord'


Fried Bananas are a popular dessert and snack food in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. 

This dish is often known as ‘Goreng Pisang’ in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and surrounding countries. 

Also, we called ‘Gluay Tord’ in Thai. This dish can be served with coconut ice cream, vanilla ice cream works too, or just enjoy them hot from the wok.

Fried Bananas Video

Bua Loy

        .                .       

Bua Loy, In the olden days, Thai cooks used roots, leaves and blossoms as natural food colourings in dessert making.

Pandanus leaf is used for green
Butterfly pea blossoms turn it purple
Turmeric for a beautiful and bright yellow.
Or coconut cream as a pure white colour

One of the desserts that display this cleverness of Thai cooks is Bua Loy Sam See. The Thai word for lotus is Bua; Loi is float; sam is three, and see is colour. Thus, the name is translated into three colours floating lotus.

Prem Challenges

Teacher’s, Satff, Students and Community members at Prem have been taking part in a number of challenges during Remote Learning. These include the 100 Press-Up challenge, Kick-Up Challenge and the Stay Connected challenge. Watch the video’s, take up the challenge and even send your video in so we can add it to the website!

Prem Panthers: Kick Up Challenge

Prem Stay Connected Challenge

Prem Stay Connected Challenge

Send in your ‘Stay Connected’ Video and get added to the challenge video

100 Push Up Challenge

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France's Home Bottle Flip Challenge

Check out our future Youtuber’s video. France from IEP, has created a bottle flip video full of creativity and skill. This one cannot be missed.

France’s Home Bottle Flip Challenge

Fitness and Movement Video's

Keeping fit and healthy is especially important during times of remote learning and most importantly it can be fun. Our fantastic teachers and even mascots have created videos for us to follow. Get involved, get your family and friends involved and take part. Remember, Healthy body, Healthy Mind!

Yoga with Adriene

A. Abbie has found a 30 day Yoga plan. Each day there is a 30 minute session that will build up your yoga skills, flexibility and strength. Taking part in yoga each day is great for your peace of mind and will mean that you work better in your classes. Remember take care of yourself and the rest will follow!

30 days of Yoga

Staying Active with the McSweeney Family

A. James and A. Lisa, with the help of their two sons (Michael and Joe) have created a family fitness video that can be enjoyed and followed by students, parents and community members of all ages.

Staying Active with the McSweeney Family

A. Cara's Chair Yoga

A. Cara has produced a perfect quick and easy chair yoga routine for all, especially as we are all probably doing more sitting than usual. Great for relaxation and de-stressing.

Peter Panther's Workout Video

Peter Panther is back with a fantastic workout video! Grab yourself some water, a towel (You might get a bit sweaty!) and put on your P.E kit like Peter. Click on the link below!

Peter Panther’s Workout Video

Coach Lade's Home Tennis Fitness Video

Our dedicated Golf and Tennis Centres, along with our ‘Prem FC’ football academy and swim coach offer year round Exploria that hope to take our students up to the next level in these sports. Coach Lade, the Director of the Prem Tennis Centre has produced this fitness video so our Tennis Exploria students can stay fit at home.

Coach Lade’s Home Tennis Fitness Video

Mindfulness .b Course by A. Joe

A. Joe has developed an 8 week Mindfulness course that is perfect for undertaking while we are Remote Learning. With a website with all the course information, resources and sign ups it could not be easier. Take a look, complete the sign up survey and get involved!

Prem’s Mindfulness .b Website

Asking yourself what is Mindfulness, here is a quick summary: ‘Mindfulness involves training our attention to experience the present moment with greater curiosity and kindness. This helps us to not only appreciate what is going well but to respond more skillfully in the here and now to life’s inevitable challenges.’

A. Sid's Golf Instructional Videos

Our dedicated Golf and Tennis Centres, along with our ‘Prem FC’ football academy and swim coach offer year round Exploria that hope to take our students up to the next level in these sports. Coach Sid, the Director of the Prem Golf Centre has produced some stay at home golf instructional video’s. Watch his tips and improve your game.

Prem FC with Coach Sam

Our dedicated Golf and Tennis Centres, along with our ‘Prem FC’ football academy and swim coach offer year round Exploria that hope to take our students up to the next level in these sports. Coach Sam has created a video so our Prem FC players can practice their skills at home.

Coach Sam’s Kick Ups

A. Joe's Boxing Instructional Videos

Meet our New Director of Tennis: Coach Tim

Music with A. Laurent

A. Laurent our EY and Junior School Music Teacher has made some music videos at home. Have a watch and follow along, it’s loads of fun!

A. Laurent’s ‘Congarobic’

The idea behind “Congarobic” (conga <> aerobics) is to stay fit through music. Find some home drums and try it out!

A. Laurent has shown us that we can make music at home or wherever we are. What a talented Music Teacher we have in Junior School!

Music at Home with A. Laurent

Videos from Traidhos

The different Traidhos programmes (Barge,Farm,VSP,Camps) have also been producing videos that give us ideas of what we can do during remote learning and lockdown. These videos are perfect for at home ideas involving nature and art.

‘Art For Sustainability’: Reusing single use plastics for environmental art activism

Our Barge Leaders have sent in another fantastic activity on Reusing single use plastics for environmental art activism. They ask the question. How do plastic products negativity affect different species and their environments?

Night Time Activities

K. Ter and K. Ice are our Art and Nature and Young Farmers Exploria activity leaders. They work on our Three-Generation Farm and here give us some great ideas of nature based activities we can do in the evening. Give them a try!

Sound Map

The Three-Generation Barge Programme has created a task for students called ‘Sound Map’

Sound Map

The Farm's Home Compost Video

The Farm have created a video to show you how to Home Compost.

The Farm’s Home Compost

Your Ecological Footprint.

Our friends at the Barge Programme have created a video and worksheet that looks at and checks your Ecological Footprint. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet:

Your Ecological Footprint Video

Your Ecological Footprint Worksheet

The Barge Program's Insect Quiz

The team at the Barge Program in Bangkok, which is one of Traidhos’s outdoor education programmes, have brought us more educational material to enjoy during this period. Click the button below for all the information and use it in the following order: Bug Intro >>  Insect Quiz  >> Insect matching >> Answer sheet

Bug’s Intro

Insect Quiz

Insect Matching

Answer Sheet

Journey Sticks

Tomato Origami

Water Connections

Some Useful Links for the Community

Home Fitness and Movement Ideas

Home Volleyball Training

Season 3 within our CMAC (Chiang Mai Athletic Conference) sporting year is Volleyball season for our U14, JV and Varsity teams. One of the most popular sports at Prem, I’m sure many of you are missing training and games. However, to keep our skills developing, check out these home workouts (there are six in total).

P.E with Joe

Joe Wicks a P.E teacher from the UK, who is also known as ‘The Body Coach’, has been putting together a daily 30 minute workout video for the whole family, specifically aimed at those in isolation. The Body Coach has lots and lots of great YouTube resources and workouts. Joe releases a new 30 minute workout each day.