COVID-19 Prevention, Remote Learning and Reopening Protocols

COVID-19 Prevention, Remote Learning and Reopening Protocols

Prem Remote Learning

Prem Online Learning and Prem Remote Educational Media have been developed – and are maintained – as a contingency plan should we be forced to close the school for an extended period of time.

Our online learning and media platforms have been developed as a framework, which provides guidelines that teachers, students, and parents can use when engaging with the online environment. Teachers build upon this framework, creating appropriate learning activities and collaborative interactions that best meet their students’ needs. Learning objectives are the same regardless of what the platform is, Prem’s content standards and high expectations guide the planning of online learning just like they do for face to face classroom learning.

We are fortunate to be a technology rich school with the ability to provide a range of engaging resources, platforms and experiences. Our students are used to utilizing resources such as Engage, Managebac, Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Zoom, You Tube and Google Meet regularly throughout their school day. This creates seamless transition to an online school environment.  In addition to these collaborative resources, students access a wide variety of learning websites that are directly related to the learning goals.


Rachel Keys
Head of School

Covid-19 Vaccine Information: Chiang Mai

120 Digital Resources for Remote Learning

Here are some fantastic resources for Remote Learning:

Digital Home Schooling Resources

Child Protection During Remote Learning

COVID-19: Know the Facts

While COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, most people will experience only mild symptoms. That said, this coronavirus can cause severe disease in some people.





The vast majority of people who have contracted the new coronavirus to date have recovered or are recovering. However, even a disease that 95% of people are recovering from can cause a significant number of deaths if it infects enough people.




There have been relatively few COVID-19 infections among children. Older age groups, especially those with underlying health conditions, are more at risk.





COVID-19 spreads primarily from person to person. This can be via droplets released when people sick with the new coronavirus cough or sneeze. It can also spread when you’re in close contact with someone who’s sick – e.g. when you hug or shake hands.




COVID-19 spreads primarily through close contact with someone who is infected, but it can also spread if you touch contaminated objects and surfaces. You can protect yourself: clean your hands and your surroundings frequently!




Fighting COVID-19 is our joint responsibility. Protect yourself and others: make these 5 simple precautions your new habits.

Coronavirus: A Book for Children

Health and Wellbeing During Remote Learning

Prem Teachers and Staff

Our teachers and staff create learning environments online that are organized, stimulating and designed to move learning forward. They are also in frequent contact with students and parents to provide feedback, support and learning resources.

Online Curriculum

The Prem curriculum for each subject area and grade level remains the same in Remote Learning and we adhere to the same standards and benchmarks.

Much like in-class learning, remote learning is successful where there is a strong partnership between parents, teachers and students.

Tech Support

Need some assistance with technology and tools being used within Prem Remote Learning. Our Tech team is here to help you! Email:

The school meets international standards and practices prescribed by:

The International Baccalaureate (IB)
The Council of International Schools (CIS)
The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
Thai Government Ministry of Education (MoE)
The school is a member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT)