Counsellors' Intro

As the Whole School Counsellors, we want to extend a big hello to all the parents in our Prem community and take this chance to introduce ourselves.

My name is Amandine Lecesne and this is my third year at Prem. I’ve been working as a counsellor for 14 years and I have to say, working with students has been my favourite role!

My name is Arabella. Before joining Prem I was a Whole School Counsellor at both Regent's International School and Keera-Pat International School in Bangkok and a Wellness Counsellor at a public high school in San Francisco, California. I'm originally from the UK but have been living in Thailand on/off for 7 years. I look forward to getting to know you better throughout the school year.

Our goal is to engage with as many students as possible throughout the year, both to help students who might be in need, and also to help all students understand their emotions and learn to make choices they can be proud of.  Our interventions are about encouraging kindness, cooperation, and honesty.

We sometimes do this by coming into classrooms and interacting with students within that space (e.g. playing with a group of students or doing a small workshop). At other times, we counsel students by meeting with them individually and as a small group.

We aim to be cheerleaders when students need encouragement, mediators when students have tensions amongst each other, and carers when students need to talk.

We will get in touch with you when our interventions extend beyond a minor intervention, to keep you in the loop, to offer extended support, or to ask for your help at home.

Our offices are on the second floor of the Library. If, at any point in the future, you would like us to meet with your child for any reason, do not hesitate to email us at or

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