Counselling Services


Providing comprehensive guidance to assist students in acquiring skills and attitudes needed to become effective and caring citizens and lifelong learners.

Greetings From the Chairs

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all students and families who have joined us or are thinking of joining. We love it when our community grows! A part of the overall support team at Prem, we are two of the many people here to help you feel welcomed, respected, and supported.

The Counselling Department works with Junior School and Senior School students alike to really listen to what’s on students’ minds and to hear what’s affecting their hearts. We help students catch negative thinking and change it around, we engage them in thoughtful reflection, and we help students tolerate frustrations and practice self-calming techniques.

We work in strong cooperation with other teachers, with the Principals, and of course, with guardians and parents to ensure student well-being. You can often find us in the classroom too, doing workshops on peer pressure, teamwork, self-esteem, gratitude, and lots more. You’re bound to see us on campus!


Amandine Lecesne, Nicole Lee McGowan
Whole School Counsellors

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care programme seeks to foster growth in students in collaboration with parents, families and guardians. All of our staff members are active in the provision of Pastoral Care to students and families in the spirit of our school guiding statements. More information below.

Counselling Services

Our team of counsellors provide support to ensure the wellbeing of students. Students with social, emotional, or motivational concerns can be supported by School Counselors and collaborate with Boarding Staff, Grade Level Leaders, teachers and families.

Strengthening Connections

On a regular basis, we reach out to parents for workshops on topics of interest, including cybersafety, drug awareness, child protection, and more. In our one-on-one sessions, we find ways to help students practice increased levels of self-care, compassion, and courage.

Well Being during difficult times

As we face the challenges of poor air quality and the global COVID-19 crisis it is important to be mindful of well-being for ourselves and our families. We hope the resources posted below will be useful and point to ways to cope and thrive during these difficult times.

This video about Yoga for Teens has been recommended by one of our Senior School students – HERE

This website also contains some lovely resources – HERE

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Counselling Services

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the summation of the academic, social and emotional dimensions of Prem Tinsulanonda International School.

Our Pastoral Care programme seeks to foster growth in students in collaboration with parents, families and guardians. All staff members are active in the provision of Pastoral Care to students and their families in the spirit of our school guiding statements.

Pastoral Care provides a framework within which our school community can maintain consistency of actions and decisions related to Pastoral Care and the implementation of related school procedures and policies.

All Pastoral Care procedures are outlined in the Junior School, Senior School and Boarding handbooks are available to students, parents and guardians.

Procedures for Junior School and Senior School include;

  • Organisation
  • Attendance
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Health and Safety
  • Student Leadership

Procedures for Boarding include:

  • Routine, activity, facility
  • Academic support
  • Accommodation
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Finances and visas
  • Student Leadership
  • Health and Safety
  • Community service

Child Protection

Prem Tinsulanonda International School endorses the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child. Additionally, Prem strictly adheres to all applicable Thai Law statutes regarding child protection. Our Boarding Programme also participates in the British School’s Association Safeguarding Programme Licence.

We ensure that all our students enjoy the right to be protected from harm and to have their welfare safeguarded. Our school counsellors run annual sessions with all staff regarding the school Child Protection Agreement and associated procedures.

Prem Medical Centre

The Prem Medical Centre in the Administration Wing, there is also a medical facility in the Boarding clusters. Nurses are on duty at all times and attend all competitive sports events.

Our Prem Nurses attend to the medical needs of students including dispensing medicine and escorting boarding students to the hospital or dentist. They also collaborate with teachers and parents to promote health and wellbeing through initiatives such as handwashing awareness and to make meaningful links with the curriculum where possible. The Nurse’s conduct annual screening with all Junior School students monitoring health and wellbeing.

More about The Prem Medical Centre here.