Cooking Academy with Traidhos Camp

Traidhos Cooking Academy was busy all Summer working with 657 campers over 47 cooking sessions. It was fantastic to see mums and kids working together to cook and eat Aztec cookies; to see English campers feel proud of cooking their very own dinner and to see the surprise of campers making ice cream using traditional methods without a fridge.
After the class, the campers promise their parent that they will cook in their own kitchen more often. They would like to support their parent either prepare the vegetables or cutting including cleaning up.

You will be surprised when you see little campers while they are cooking. They show us that they can do everything and they can do it well with our support. The parent is very happy to find an activity to help them connect with their kid.

Moreover, the cooking team are very grateful that some of the campers from Traidhos English Camp love Thai food and continue doing Thai cooking session through Prem Exploria. The students find it very happy to cook Thai food from which they can learn more recipes and more cooking technique through Exploria class. So, they can cook Thai food for their parent during school holiday.

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