Cookin With Grandmas

Delicious smells wafted from the Traidhos Cooking Academy recently as two grannies, took part in the videoing of  a YouTube cooking show,"CookinWithGrandmas." 

The channel, with over 150,000 views is the brainchild of  Erik Kennon, a young man who loves travel, photography, and food. Travelling to meet grannies to learn the local wisdom they know and filming them sharing  their family recipes  is the perfect combination!

Each Grandma arrived carrying her treasured herbs and passed down secrets, and enjoyed a morning recreating recipes as the cool winter sunshine filtered through the leaves of the Cooking Academy garden.

Grandma Jantra from Ban Aoy Village cooked Hor Nueng (Steamed Chicken in Banana leaves). After patiently cutting and chopping she mixed all ingredients with chilli paste before folding the mixture into a banana leaf parcel and steaming it. The result was excellent a combination of vegetables and chilli paste. Everyone who tasted it said A-Roy Mak Mak (very delicious).

The other Grandma, Saai, the Mother one of the Traidhos staff, cooked Geang Ka-noon (Jackfruit curry). She was very proud to present and share her family recipe to another generation. She was very happy to know that we are fell in love with her recipe as well!

Erik was delighted to have met both Grandmas and to have learned more about local cooking techniques in Chiang Mai. Nae and Maprang , lead cooking teachers with the Traidhos Cooking Academy said it was the good chance to challenge the new generation to try delicious local recipes and was a food example of us learning from the older generation.

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