Continuing to trade and invest despite the COVID-19 pandemic: Trading and Investing Exploria

Aj.Lisa shared this piece by Niall about how the Trading and Investing Exploria has continued throughout the current global crisis. This exploria reinforces the  importance of students being financially literate, and how aware Prem students are of issues from a global perspective.


“The Trading and Investing exploria activity usually takes place every Tuesday at 3pm for a selected group of middle-school and high-school students. The students would come together and learn the ways of the various financial markets and vehicles and look to use such in achieving future financial growth and development. Newer students would come to the activity looking to learn and would definitely do so with the assistance of Ryosuke, Ajarn Martin, and me. Other more experienced members would also collaboratively provide as much support as they possibly can. As a group we discuss global issues and the economic situations they result in. Additionally, looking at the technicals behind the ins and outs of the markets. 

Although, with the novel coronavirus keeping everyone at home, we had to find new ways in working together as a group and keeping the exploria activity alive. Especially considering the many opportunities the markets have provided us with as of the increased volatility of most markets with the increase of global uncertainty. As a collaborative group, we have continued to communicate through Google Hangouts and share our opinions on a lot of topics ranging from the US stock markets, looking at the S&P500, to global oil prices and COVID-conspiracies. We are all looking forward to getting back to school so we can continue the activity as usual with lots of market movements to take a look at.”

Niall Mulrennan

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