Connecting with community in IEP

Our Core English unit this term is ‘migration’ and we have been exploring the reasons why people migrate and how it has affected their lives. We have been studying the stories of early migrants from all over the world and investigating push and pull factors.


This week, students had the opportunity to interview Ajarn Linda, a pillar of the Prem community, who migrated from England 17 years ago. Ajarn Linda brought some photos of her family (one photo was from the early 1900s) and answered questions like: why did you migrate, what challenges did you face when migrating and how did you feel when migrating?


Students thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and will use the information gained to help them hone their interviewing skills and also write their own migration story.


A big thank you Ajarn Linda for coming along and bringing context to our learning in IEP.


Cara Templeton

Head of the Intensive English Programme

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