Congratulations to Grade 12 Boarding Students!

This is the time to say goodbye to our class of 2017. We, the staff of the boarding community, would like to congratulate our valued students. They have lived together harmoniously, gaining knowledge and skills which will allow them to thrive in their futures. Their successes are a result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. We are proud of their accomplishments and excited to see what their futures hold.

We would like to wish all these students happiness and safe journeys in the next stages of their lives.

Its a wonderful time for our G12 students who have now finished their final exams and are counting the days until graduation. On Monday evening, A. Sonam took the time to make posters letting our boarding students know how proud we were of them, and how well they had done this year. Yes, we will be saying goodbye later this week, but hopefully, we will meet them again at an Alumni function in the not too distant future.Good luck and enjoy these final days at Prem G12s.

Ajarn Linda.

Congratulations upon completing Grade 12 and graduating from Prem. Thanks for the maturity, enthusiasm and graciousness that you have shown. You have all enriched our boarding community with your positivity and good spirits.Good luck with all that awaits you in the future; build further on all that you have achieved so far.

Ajarn Nicole.

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