Concordian IS and Huay Nam Rin Children’s Home join together for a fun day of activities!

Concordian International School from Bangkok has been visiting Traidhos for many years now. Last year we took their students to the Huay Nam Rin Children’s Home, just a short drive away, and they loved it. This year we decided to mix things up a bit by hosting both groups of children on campus for an afternoon of team games and arts and crafts. There were so many happy faces as new friendships were formed!

The activities organised by Concordian staff included painting cloth bags, tic-tac-toe races and throwing water balloons. After all the action was over, everybody made their way to our ever-popular Khantoke Dinner, including the usual music and dance show by Traidhos’s very own Lung Noi and his group of performers. 

To show their gratitude for the fun they had had, the children from Huay Nam Rin performed their own songs in Lahu, which for many of them is their native language.

It was certainly a day to remember for all involved!

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