Concert Band Musical Festival

Prem hosted the concert band music festival again last weekend. Many thanks to all who participated, who attended the final concert, and to the music leadership team who helped out behind the scenes. The following article was written by ML member, Piyada (Music)Tiamethakorn. (Ajarn Gina)

"Over 77 students from Prem, Grace, Lanna, NIS and CMIS came to Prem to celebrate the third Annual International Schools of Chiang Mai Concert Band Music Festival. This event came from the collaboration between the hardworking students and teachers from the five schools, thus making it one of the most special two-day event for us. The atmosphere was filled with the enthusiasm and excitement.

Here are what the musicians said:

“I’ve done this for three years. It’s great because most schools don’t have enough people for full-sized bands, and this is many people’s opportunity to experience a full-sized band. It also tests our endurance as musicians because we practise for several hours a day.” – Simon, trombonist from Prem.

“It’s exciting because you meet new people and you get to make music together.” – V, flutist from NIS.

“This is my second time here and it’s super awesome. It’s better this year and it’s going to get better every year.” – Charlie, trumpeter from NIS.

The students gained a lot of experience from working with one another in this year’s Music Festival and they made an excellent performance this year. We hope to see a significant event like this again next year and would like to thank all the participants who helped us to make this happen."

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