Community mindedness in IEP and the Prem Academy 

On Friday the 27th of November, IEP and Academy students took their learning outside of the classroom and applied it to real world situations. This term, students have focused on migration, perspective and privilege and we engaged in three different types of community service to help provide context to our learning and develop international mindedness, global citizenship and compassion.


Our first destination was Wat Sawang Petch to help clean up the temple grounds. Students picked up litter and we discussed the importance of sustainability, recycling and proper disposal of garbage. Students also asked some very important questions about how to behave at temples and were able to better understand Thai cultural traditions.


 Our second destination was Wat Suwannawa. This is one of the many temples that Prem students visit as part of the Hand to Paw Exploria. When we arrived we had a chance to meet one new puppy (Nongmai) and all of the students helped to wash and brush the dogs that live there, as well as spending time learning how to socialise with animals.


The final stop was the Asian Children’s Foundation, an orphanage in Mae Taeng district. Students were lucky enough to enjoy four different performances by the children who live there and it was beautiful to see our students playing and interacting with the children – proving that language is no barrier to kindness.


    In the words of Cici in IEP Grade 5, “this trip was to teach us that we need to have a big heart and be grateful and helpful.” No doubt this will be a day to remember for our students and we hope that they can take the lessons learned into all aspects of their lives.


Cara Templeton

Head of IEP

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