Community Investigation with the Barge Program

One of the intriguing things about exploring villages has to be the people you meet.
Recently Traidhos Barge Program staff were investigating the Hmong Village of Ban Pa Nok Kok. As we wandered into the smithy, the blacksmith appeared from his house and on seeing us vanished inside again, before reappearing with a handful of glowing embers. Within a few moments, aided by the built-in bellows, the range was glowing enough for him to start heating a section of old car chassis. As the fire continued to heat, the metal turned white hot and we watched as the blacksmith moved it from the fire to the anvil to beat it into a farming implement in the traditional village way. Afterwards, we reflected on this chance meeting: traditions meeting present-day life, old and new technologies, new from old materials. There is so much life hidden away in the mountains and with it a wealth of local knowledge enriching our Programs and amazing learners of all ages.

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