Communication, Collaboration and Navigation in Grade 3 & 4

On the first day back on campus after the recent bout of online learning, G3/4 spent an afternoon outside exploring campus as part of their current unit of inquiry: exploration leads to discoveries, challenges, opportunities, and new understandings. Students used maps in small groups to locate clues around campus, including the farm, boarding clusters, and along the pathways. Students learned how to use map features such as a compass rose and a legend as well as how to orient themselves with a map. For some, much of this was new learning. One hour is all that was given to locate the clues and return to the home base in Sala 1. Students needed to use their communication, collaboration and thinking skills, as well as keen eyesight and fast running skills. After the holidays and then online school, it was clear that some students had depleted some of their stamina reserves and needed some extra attention to maintain their initial fast speeds! Along the way, Traidhos staff were on hand to give prompts, support and encouragement where needed and the beautiful weather was a companion to us all throughout. The afternoon was a huge success, particularly for one group who located all clues in just 37 minutes, which was astonishingly 20 minutes before the other groups! It was certainly nourishing for us all to reconnect with all life forms in our Prem community and I am sure the students slept soundly after their first day back on campus!

Charlotte Hankin

Grade 3/4 Teacher

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