Colourful Week at Boarding

We are approaching the end of term one and things are getting very interesting, with loads of activities and outings.

Over the last week, we had the fantastic Sophie Odling staying with us. She is a remarkable Sydney designer and artist, currently expanding her work into wall art. Our boarders had the opportunity to participate in the making of a mural on the wall of the Residency Studio at the Art House. Every day they could join for a few hours and collaborate with the process of this great piece of art. Those who joined had a great time choosing colours, shapes, patterns and spray painting.

The fun and the team work lead to a great colourful mural that will now stay with us forever. We welcome you all to come by and check it out!

Last weekend some of the students joined ¨Hand to Paw¨. A project that serves the community giving temple dogs a clean wash, attention, and care. It was quite fun and everybody enjoyed, including some of the Ajarns.  


On top of all the fun and games, our boarders have been hard at work in preparing for upcoming tests; they have been studying together in their rooms where appropriate and also in our cluster office, which is wonderful to see. The boarding kitchen is being turned into a grade 12 study room for the use of the Cluster 12 girls. We wish them the best of luck in their tests!

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