Colonel’s Cup

Saturday 6 February brought two international teams from Bangkok to the Traidhos Oval to play the annual league game: The Southerners who are made up from South African and Australian ex-pat players, and the Siam Parrots, made up from New Zealand expats.  A number of these players are ex-professionals and it showed in the calibre of the cricket played.  All the players commented on the high quality and picturesque ground and stated that this is the best ground in South East Asia.

The Southerners won the toss and asked the Parrots to bat.  After their 45 overs the Parrots amassed 248 – 7.  A most enjoyable lunch followed, provided at Krapood, before the game resumed.  The game relaunched with some huge hitting as The Southerners tried to attack.  Dan Jacobs (New South Wales) hit magnificent 6s, one hitting Mom Tri’s viewing house and two others landing on the farm roof!  Peter Wodden (Western Australia) continued the onslaught until he fell for 75 and then wickets started to fall.  

In the exciting last few overs, The Southerners scraped through with the score at 252 – 8.

The game finished off with speeches and congratulations, with the Traidhos Oval and its staff receiving high praise.

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