Collaboration with Grade 8

Over the past 5 weeks Grade 3 has been working with a Grade 8 English class. They were given a project where they were asked to read, interpret and teach the famous play Romeo and Juliet. Before these Grade 8s could teach they had to understand their audience. It all started over a month ago when we first met our Grade 8s. We played games together so both the Grade 8s and Grade 3s knew what to expect from their much larger and/or smaller counterparts. From there, the Grade 8s designed a project with our Grade 3s in mind. Some groups made puppet shows, interactive lego worlds, movies and animations. These Grade 8s worked very hard. Afterwards our Grade 3s reflected on the successes and challenges they experiences as an audience and made suggestions for the future using constructive feedback. It was great to have such a positive opportunity to work with Middle School.

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